Tuesday, 6 September 2011


It has just come to my attention that OH has actually worn the one and only pairs of socks I've made him. It took a while as they were finished end of March. Will miracles never cease!!

That Went Well....

I made a list of my August goals, twice, as I changed my mind about what I wanted to accomplish. Well I needn't have bothered as nothing went to plan and I would have been better not making any.

Here's the second version:

1. Finish my super secret project started in July.  Done.
2. Finish my I socks. Now on heel of second sock.   Done.
3. Finish my J socks. Only cast on done for first sock.  Not even taken out of the bag.
4. Finish my N socks. Up to heel of first sock.   First sock finished.
5. Start my P socks. I've decided on Polly Jean.   Done and finished.
6. Start my Q socks. Decided on Queen of Cups. Literally just the CO done.
7. Make progress on my Ripple BlanketNope.
8. Finish my Ruffles Are Red Scarf. It just needs the ribbon adding and pictures taken.   Nope.
9. Possibly another cast on of a super secret project.  Started and nearly finished.

I did indeed finish my super secret project but I can now show pictures. It was another test knit for Meghan aka ButterflyKnit. It was a shawl for a yarn company and it's a great pattern. The pattern is a bonus when you sign up to Yummy Yarns Wrapped In YummyYarn Club.


Undergrowth Test Knit for ButterflyKnit

Undergrowth Test Knit for ButterflyKnit

Next up was to finish my I socks for the SKA August challenge.  I love these, the yarn is so soft and they are so so comfy.
The pattern does look quite complicated but is really easy. And I love love the block colour versions. Another pair to add to my sock drawer, Woohoo!!

I socks Ianthe AKA Exquisite Dewberry

The J socks never saw the light of day. I cast on DD's P socks instead and got them finished. DD insisted that she had to have the P socks as it is her initial so they were obviously meant for her. I am here to oblige...or do as I'm told!
I really must knit something other than purple socks (or red shawls)!!
These were finished on the drive to Norfolk. So DD, as you would expect, decided to wear them straight away and proceeded to walk around on warm tarmac. Result: fuzzy bottoms!!

P Socks They're Not Polly's They're Paige's

I've actually got a shot of them being worn, very rare, especially when they are on my feet but as they are DD's feet it's OK.

P Socks They're Not Polly's They're Paige's

I did manage to finish the first sock of my N socks but I haven't taken a picture yet. I also cast on my Q socks but this is as far as they got.

Now for the non-sock projects.
I didn't get to thread the ribbon in my Ruffles Are Red scarf. I really ought to do this as I love the idea and can see me wearing it a lot when finished over the winter.
Nada progress on my ripple blankie though I was sorely tempted to sneak a few rows in but it would have meant my next sooper secret project wouldn't have been started and it needed to be as it has a short deadline.

Let's hope September fares better, though looking back I suppose August wasn't too bad.

September's goals are short and sweet.

1. Finish my sooper secret project. This is very nearly done.
2. Cast on my R socks which are Riding On The Metro. These will double dip for SKA and the A-Z challenge.
3. Cast on and finish my S socks Salmon Run. I'm going to triple dip with these for SKA, Solid Socks in red and the A-Z challenge but they will need to be finished this month to qualify for the Solid Socks group.
4. Finish my Ruffles Are Red. I'll try to actually complete this.

And that's about it. I don't really want to overstretch myself this month though I am hoping to complete a few rows on my blanket.

Apart from knitting I have been on another one of my walks, which I'll tell you about tomorrow. It's been a while since I've been to this place even though it's only about 10-15 minutes drive away and I'd forgotten how beautiful and scenic it is.
See you tomorrow xxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 2 September 2011

First Day Back

Well it was the first day back to school yesterday for DS and DD and what a scorcher....typical really they go to school the sun comes out. Though to be honest in our neck of the woods we can't complain about the weather as it's not been that bad, mainly dry and warm.

Now I wondered where July went, well August, did we even have an August, it went by so fast I think I missed it! Nothing much happened except a visit to the in-laws in Norfolk but still it flew by.

As a new school year starts so does a new exercise regimen (and I mean regimen as it's the last thing I really want to do!) as I seriously need to lose weight. Up until my twenties I took part in a lot of sports and a keen athlete and even when I stopped running/kick boxing I was still a gym bunny until about 5 years ago, now I do nothing, absolutely zilch, a real couch potato!! Now I won't blather on endlessly about exercise and healthy eating (notice I didn't use the dreaded "d" word) as it's boring and not what anyone wants to hear about, myself included. My plan is to walk, that's it just walk with the occasional Wii/Xbox Kinect dance thrown in.
We have a Great Dane cross called Stan or his naughty name is Stanley...he's like a baby dane...but still a big dog so I've decided to take him out more often.
Do you want to see him....


And yes he is playing on the trampoline with DD, he loves it being bounced up and down, very strange!

So today we went for a 2.5 mile walk round Thornton Reservoir. I have mentioned the reservoir before but what a difference, the water is so so low after the summer.

April 2011
Thornton Church

September 2011
Thornton Reservoir Sept 2011

September 2011
Thornton Reservoir

See the difference.  All the weeds seen above are normally covered in water. You can just make out the start of the water to the left of the picture. And what a difference in weather, it was so bright and sunny in April.

It was a lovely walk and I thoroughly enjoyed it. At one point a 'skein'  (they really are called a skein of geese when flying in the air, honest, I looked it up) of geese flew overhead and the noise, I have never heard anything like it, they were so loud, Stan wondered what was going on and was frantically running around jumping into the air.
We plan on doing these walks more often to different parts of the local area and countryside and there will be plenty of photos.

Thornton Reservoir Sept 2011

Thornton Reservoir Sept 2011

Thornton Reservoir Sept 2011

Time to go and do some cleaning I'll be back soon with how my August knitting goals went!!


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Change of Plan

I've decided to change my goals for August as I came across the SKA August Challenge to finish more SIP's (Socks in Progress) than Mapleweave, a SKA member who is renowned for sock orphans.
So my new goals are:

1. Finish my super secret project started in July.
2. Finish my I socks. Now on heel of second sock
3. Finish my J socks. Only cast on done for first sock.
4. Finish my N socks. Up to heel of first sock.
5. Start my P socks. I've decided on Polly Jean.
6. Start my Q socks.
7. Make progress on my Ripple Blanket.
8. Finish my Ruffles Are Red Scarf. It just needs the ribbon adding and pictures taken.
9. Possibly another cast on of a super secret project.

Now that's actually a lot of knitting, not sure I'll get it all done but I'll give it a good try xxxxxxx

Saturday, 6 August 2011

August, What It's August Already!!

Where did July go......It just flew by, time seems to go by so quick now, blink and its gone!

I thought I'd recap my July knitting goals and set out 10 for August. Right let's see how successful I was.

1. Finish my Bois test knit. Done.
2. Finish my C socks. Done.
3. Finish my F socks. Done.
4. Finish the eighth repeat of the Yucca chart on my Aeolian.  Done.
5. Finish the first All Water Mitten.  Not Done.
6. Start my N socks.  Done twice.
7. Start my O socks. Done.
8. Start the Iris Mystery Shawl and finish clue 1.  Done.
9. Frog Tempting.  Done.
10. Cast on another project. Done.

Well I actually didn't think I would get as much of the list done as I did but it shows what can be achieved when you are organised. 9 out of 10 isn't bad. I can't see it lasting long though, I'm rubbish at being organised!

Now for my August goals, again I'll go for 10 and see how I go.

1. Knit the transition chart on my Aeolian. My plan is a little every month on this to get it finished. I love knitting it but not in one go.

2. Finish the project cast on in July.

3. Finish my I socks.

4. Start my P socks.

5. Start my Q socks.

6. Finish clue 2 and 3 on my Iris Mystery Shawl.

7. Finish my Ruffles are Red Scarf. It just needs the ribbon adding and pictures taken.

8. Finish one J sock.

9. Start the Westknits Mystery Shawl. Finish clue 1.

10. Make some more ripples on my Ripple Blanket.

I did start my O socks and they are down to the heel flap. I opted for Ookuru socks by Himawari. I love the pattern though it is proving slightly more demanding than I thought it would thanks to the double increases, when you are a tight knitter like me, increasing twice in a stitch is very tricksy!

O Socks - Ookuru

My last goal was to cast on another project. I've done this but it is a super secret project so I can't give any details until later in the year. I knew it would be happening and it's not anything by me but something I'm working on for another designer. Watch this space!

Time to love you and leave you and get cracking with the goals, it's going to be tough this month xxxxx

Friday, 5 August 2011

And Nearing the Finish Line...

Just a quick catch up on my July goals.

One goal was to finish my F socks. They are done, diddly done done, even after seriously kicking my butt. I have a real issue with these socks, nothing to do with the pattern, just me! Firstly they were coming out too big so tinked back to the rib and went down a couple of needles sizes. After finishing the first sock I was concerned about the amount of yarn left and after weighing it realised I wouldn't have enough, so began the search for a second skein. Could I find a matching one, no!! I ordered some more in the same colour but it was nothing like my skein that I got from a Ravelry destash with no label. The colour it was meant to be was more green than yellow and much paler. So I ordered a darker colour, this was much too dark. In the end I used the darker one for the toes, after reknitting them 3 times!!

F socks

Next was to finish the eighth repeat of my Aeolian. This took about half an hour to sort and its now ready for the next stage.

I started my N socks a week ago but if you remember I didn't like the way it was pooling, so it went into time out. So I cast on a different pair, Nemesis, in a different yarn. This is up to the heel on the first sock though the picture only shows the cuff.

N Socks - Nemesis

One goal was to start my Iris Mystery Shawl and finish clue 1. Finished and so quick too, though I can see the next clues will take a little while longer to complete. I'll take pictures once I start clue 2.

Well quite a productive week really, I'm well on my way to completing the 10 goals I set out.

Until next time xxxxxxxx

Let Bedlam Commence!

Well its the start of the school holidays and time to keep the piggy's occupied (well it was when I originally wrote this post but then I forgot about it!!). DS is no problem he just gets on with his own thing, usually to do with his Xbox and sailing. But DD is a different matter all together. She cannot sit still and has to be doing something, usually with someone else. So a trip to The Works was called for to stock up on arty supplies.
First up is a scraperfoil picture of "Playful Spaniels". this is sooo cute and I knew it would appeal to DD, she loves cute!
Next was a watercolour card set of "Rue de Paris". She ended up starting one of these straight away, not bad for her first attempt at watercolours! And not too bad a price either.

Rue de Paris Watercolour Card Set

I also bought her a 6 pack of canvas boards, which she loves to decorate or transfer images to.

During the week DS was staying at a friends house so DD and I decided to go to The New Walk Museum in Leicester. DD loves this type of thing, though she is more into interactive exhibits or objects rather than actual paintings themselves. "Booooring" is normally the reaction I get when faced with a room full of paintings!

The main feature of this museum is The Dinosaur Gallery but this is closed at the moment for a refurb. Second on DD's list is The Ancient Egyptians where they have a real mummy. The reason for visiting this time was the Picasso Ceramics: the Attenborough Collection. What a fantastic display, plenty to feast your eyes on. The collection of 40 pieces has been entrusted to the City of Leicester to commemorate the loss of their daughter and granddaughter in the Asian tsunami that struck in December 2004.
The museum does hold activities during the holidays so while I sat and drank Costa Coffee and knit on my socks, why yes they have a Costa Coffee in the museum, now you can see the attraction, DD went to play with clay, or more specifically, Picasso Menagerie on a Plate. She loved it, she got to make her very own Picasso, and I have to say I am rather impressed. I did wonder what she would bring back, which she was very indignant at - "What do you mean you wondered what I would bring back, hmph".

Picasso Menagerie on a Plate

All in all we had a great afternoon, so much so DD wanted to go back the next day with her friend who was staying for the day. This time it was lizards. They had a couple of real lizards which they could hold and had a talk about and also make their own lizard mobile. This didn't go so well. There was a large queue to hold them as you would expect and the craft part wasn't as well manned as the previous day. Oh well! That's the way it goes.

Well bye for now until next time xxxxxxx

Thursday, 21 July 2011

And Week 2....

So it's time for a catch up on my July goals.

My Bois shawl is finished and blocked and I love it. Red is such a great colour and one of my favourites, along with purple so I can't lose with this shawl.

Bois Test Knit

Bois Test Knit

You can't really make out the little purple pearly beads but they are there in the edging.

One goal was to try on my Tempting as I thought it would be too small. But because of the rib it isn't and stretches to fit my now larger stomach. Even so I've still frogged it because it was very figure hugging as you'd expect with a rib jumper. I need to find another project for the yarn as again it's red, what can I say, red suits me!

1000 metres of frogged yarn!

This is what 1000 metres of frogged yarn looks like!! Very satisfying it was too.

I have also cast on my N socks and I decided to go with the No Purl Monkey socks. Easy knitting so I can get them finished quickly, well that's the plan anyway. We'll see!

Progress so far:

Flowery Monkeys

I'm not too sure about the pooling on these socks. I wanted it to be more variegated and not in solid blocks like this though the blocks of colour are starting to spiral round down the leg. This may have to go into time out while I decide. It is a very very easy quick knit but I think I'd prefer a different yarn.

Its going well at the moment, let's hope I can keep it up.


Saturday, 16 July 2011

Weekend Shenanigans

Now I had some plans for last weekend because as usual DS was off sailing, this time at Carsington in Derbyshire, he does get around!
So if the weather was dry DD and I were going to go on a family friendly walk round some of the countryside. I had found on our local council website a list and maps of several walks in the area and had chosen the shorter walk round Bosworth Battlefield, Sutton Cheney Wharf and an old railway line to Shenton Station. Don't you just love the picture of the cow in the field, it made me chuckle.
But it didn't happen!!
Now I expected to say that the weather foiled us but no it was a lovely sunny, dry day and the perfect weather to go and stop for a picnic on the way round. No it was getting there.
My car failed its MOT!!! Aargh!!!
So as OH and DS were swanning off round a reservoir DD and I were stuck at home. Not that it was that great a hardship but still I was looking forward to a brisk walk and simple summer picnic by the water.
So we consoled ourselves with a bus ride into the city, a novelty in itself as we never go by bus and some crafty shopping.
I have being buying the new magazine Mollie Makes which is right up my street, such inspiration, ideas, designs and pictures to ooh and aah at. Have you seen it, it's definitely worth a browse if you're into crafting especially sewing.

Mollie Makes Magazine

There are some great makes in here so while we were consoling ourselves we took a trip to Leicester Market, more specifically Stuart's Fabrics. We were looking for felt as this really comes in handy. Especially when you see these:-

Felt Creatures

How cute are they!!!
I didn't realise how expensive (in my opinion anyway) felt is, even polyester felt not the good old wool felt which I'd prefer to use. So we opted for the cheaper fleece instead to make soft squishy critters. We bought 1/2 a metre each of 6 colours and they are so scrummy - lilac, pale blue, cream, red, lime green and dark grey.

We finally managed to get home with our rather large bag full of fleece. The magazine was pulled out straight away and the templates sorted. Now this magazine has the templates in the back and the majority have to be enlarged by 200% which really annoys me. Don't they realise projects have to be started straight away and no faffing about trying to get the templates enlarged! Well actually they do, the bonus is you can download the templates from the website the right size and they fit on an A4 sheet of paper....Perfect!

DD decided she wanted to make the elephant, want to see how far she got:


Yep the cutting out, she got bored after this and didn't fancy the sewing up. Oh well, its there for another day.
Especially as they have broken up for school holidays now.
Woohoo for no routine and getting up early but what to do for 7 whole weeks. I'd better get my thinking cap on.


Sunday, 10 July 2011


There hasn't been much activity in these parts for the last week or so, no trips out, except mundane shopping, no walking, admiring, exclaiming or excitement. Not that I mind as I get to work on my hobbies and I still get to do things I love. So there has been quite a lot of knitting instead.

I set myself 10 goals for July and one is now finished and the other just has the cast off and blocking to do.

The first one to be completed was my C socks for the A-Z challenge. I was glad to get these off the needles as they've been lingering since February as other shinies caught my attention.

C Socks - Charade

I had to alter the size of these as the pattern was for size medium only so I increased the stitch count to 72 for my large feet. They have grown on me as I wasn't enamoured with them to start with but another stash yarn bites the dust!

The project nearly finished is my Bois Shawl. The cast off on this is taking quite a while as it is an icord bind off with beads, very time consuming. But I'm loving the result. The thing is with shawls I love love to knit them but I don't wear them. Some people can carry them off, such as the Duchess of Cambridge, but not me they make me look old and frumpy!

I think I'll finish a couple of the quick goals tomorrow. I need to put my Tempting onto yarn as it currently sits on needles and then try it on. I have put some weight on since I started this many moons ago and it is a tight fitting rib sweater so I can see this being frogged!!

Tempting Sweater

Look see how small it is, it just looks like a rib tube at the moment though I have added the sleeves since this picture was taken.
Then I'll cast on my N socks, I still haven't decided on a pattern so I'll need to do that first, and knit the first sock cuff. To tie in with the challenge it does need casting on before the 15th July so better get a move on.

Right it's time to get on with that bind off as it won't finish itself....


Thursday, 7 July 2011

Business as Usual!

This past weekend DS was off sailing at Derwent Reservoir in Co Durham. The area looks lovely and according to the boys it is. Sigh! I miss all the lovely places they go to as DD and I have to stay at home with the dog, Stan, and because of DD's training. To go away on a Friday evening for a weekend means she misses 3 of her 5 weekly sessions!
So we dutifully stayed at home and pottered around as we always do.
There was a bit of retail therapy on Saturday, nothing exciting just clothes for DD. The item she was most excited about was a bracelet. She's wanted a Pandora bracelet for a while but being an 11 year old they are too expensive for her to buy so she bought one from Dorothy Perkins. So much cheaper. She opted for a bracelet with blue beads already on that was nearly half price and then chose 3 beads so she could chop and change.
Well after all that shopping it was time to go and sit in our usual haunt, Costa Coffee, I should have shares in that coffee shop!!

The afternoon was taken with crafting. I was knitting while DD made a mosaic dolphin. Its now on our kitchen window and looks beautiful!

Dolphin Mosaic

We bought the original kit from Woodlands Garden Centre a while ago but as DD was bored she dug it out again and sat patiently for most of the afternoon sticking the small gel tiles to the backing. Now if anyone knows DD they know she doesn't do sitting still, she even watches the TV upside down while doing a handstand on the sofa, so this was quite an achievement. We do have another somewhere but we have no idea where, perhaps its time to do a bit of spring cleaning, especially DD's boxes!!

My time was taken with knitting on my Bois shawl that I am test knitting for the lovely ButterflyKnit. I've tested 4 of her shawls and I love love love them. They are so easy to knit and the end result is fantastic. Here is a progress picture I took earlier.

Bois Shawl

I had originally threaded some size 8 AB clear beads but after a few rows they just didn't look right so a-bead hunting I went. I ended up with some size 8 red beads but these got lost in the yarn so the final decision was some 3mm purple pearly type beads. They are quite small so you can just get a glimpse of them in the picture. I'm going to stick with these now and if when its finished I don't like them then it'll be time for a bit of destruction, I'll break each bead off with pliers!!

Right its time now to go make lunch. DS is off school at the moment. He came back from Derwent with an awful sore throat and high temp so he needs looking after.


Monday, 4 July 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different!

My name is Andrea and I am a knitting addict, see I've admitted it. I knit everyday whether for 30 minutes or for several hours but whatever the day brings I will make time to sit and knit. My current obsessions are socks and shawls. Small items but not necessarily quick and easy!

So I am going to post my knitting goals for the month of July. I like lists it tends to keep me focused instead of running round like a headless chicken, not a pretty sight!

Here goes:-

1. Finish my Bois test knit shawl. I have threaded the beads and just need to knit the edging.

2. Finish my C socks for the A-Z socks. I am at the heel of the second sock.

3. Finish my F socks. First sock done, need to start the second one.

4. Finish the eighth repeat of the Yucca chart on my Aeolian.

5. Finish the first All The Water mitten.

6. Start my N socks. I've not decided on a pattern yet but preferably something quick and easy.

7. Start my O socks. Again no pattern chosen.

8. Start the Iris Mystery Shawl and finish clue 1. The yarn needs to be picked and wound.

9. Dig out my Tempting UFO and see if it's still going to fit. If not frog.

10. Cast on another project. It could be another test knit shawl or maybe even a sweater that I keep promising myself I'll knit one day.

Right now let's see how this month goes!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

This Little Piggy Went to Market

I don't know about you but I love markets, especially when they are on set days of the week and not permanently set up as the goodies available change constantly. So I headed off to the University town of Loughborough. I love Loughborough Market, it has a craft stall, fruit and veg, plants, clothing, wool, fabrics, you name it, it has it!

I spent a happy couple of hours meandering through the stalls looking at what was on offer and ended up buying a couple of bargains.

Market Haul

The hyacinths were 3 for £1, how cheap is that! They didn't come with the ceramic pots I already had these from last year when they housed tete-a-tete's from Tesco's. They'll look great on my bathroom windowsill. The fabric was from the reduced bin and was £2 for a metre. I couldn't resist adding it to my fabric stash, its so cheerful and I adore flowers.
I also ended up buying some gorgeous sweet strawberries and pomegranates. I remember as a very young child watching my Grandad eat pomegranates, picking up each seed with a pin, it used to fascinate me the time and effort to eat this lovely red fruit. It's funny isn't it, the small things we remember!
As is usual while shopping I stop and have a quick latte in my favourite haunt, Costa Coffee. I don't know why but I HAVE to stop for a coffee whatever is going on, perhaps its habit, perhaps its addiction, whatever it is I love it.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Afternoon Crafting

My one big passion is knitting and to a lesser degree crocheting, it goes everywhere with me. The standing joke is I should have knitting needles surgically implanted into my hands!!

After a morning of walking and shopping DD and I decided it would be lovely to sit outside in the sunshine and make things.  That morning a new book had arrived for DD called "Made By Me" by Jane Bull. So we gathered together the necessary items, felt, threads, fabric, stuffing and she set to work. Her first choice was a cupcake, don't they look scrummy in the book:


While DD was busy beavering away I got out my knitting. I am on a huge sock kick at the moment, partly due to the fact I am taking part in an A-Z sock challenge in the UK Sock Knitters Group on Ravelry. Basically every 2 weeks we cast on the next letter of the alphabet and we have until the end of January 2012 (I think!) to finish each pair we have cast on. Now when I originally decided to join I thought I would just dip in and out and knit the odd pair here and there but once started I have cast on every letter so far and we are up to H. So I sat and finished my G socks, these are not just any pair of socks they are the jazziest pair of socks - hot neon pink, black and grey stripes and I LOVE them.

Want to see:

In Your Face Neon Socks

I would show a picture of me wearing them but my legs are so pale and fluffy I think you'd rather not see!

After all the effort of knitting and making cupcakes it was time to indulge in one of our purchases from Woodlands Nurseries. Woodlands has a great food section with lots of scrummy cakes, sweets, biscuits, pickles, conserves, sausages, soups, etc all homemade. One of our family favourites are the pork, stilton and leek sausages, but these are a real treat as they are quite expensive but oh so worth it.
The other thing we all love are the cakes.....food is a big thing in our house......as you'll find out. So DD and I settled down to butterfly cakes and coffee for me.

Cupcakes and coffee

A couple of them did get squished on the way home, are you hungry yet!!

DD had a whale of time making a couple of cupcakes and I think she made a great job of them. Now in the first pages of the "Made By Me" book it shows the kit that you need and one of the items that caught DD's eye was a jamjar with a pincushion on the top with pom pom trim. It didn't have the instructions how to make it but DD decided she make it up as she went along. She found some pink and brown heart fabric I'd bought a while ago on Leicester Market , some brown ribbon (we have a rather large ribbon stash here), stuffing, PVA glue, a jamjar and a large plastic tub.

It was a rather messy job!!

She started by cutting a piece of stiff card the size of the lid and placed a large wad of stuffing on it. Then placed the fabric over the top and glued it down to the underneath of the cardboard circle. Once dry she attached it to the lid and wrapped ribbon round to tidy it up and voila a neat storage space for her bits and bobs.
She enjoyed it so much she made a matching one from a jamjar and put some of our button stash in it.

Button Jar

Paige's Makes

We had a great relaxing day before we had to catch a team coach to Leamington Spa where DD was in a swim meet in the evening. Exactly how we like it.

Bye for now xxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Don't You Just Love Sunny Weekends.....

We love the weekends at Honeysuckle Hill, lots of milling about and crafting.

Our Saturdays start at 5.30am when we are up and about ready to take my daughter (DD) to swim training. Early start but it means we don't end up lazing about in our pj's (though I do love to do this as well!).
Now I don't know if you are the same as me but I take for granted the lovely area I live in right on the edge of the English countryside. It was a gorgeous day on Saturday so we decided to take a walk round Thornton Reservoir, a 5 minute drive away.

Isn't it glorious.

The sun glinting on the water creating silhouettes:

Thornton Reservoir

Thornton Church peeking through the trees:

Thornton Church from the pathway

And from the other side of the reservoir:

Thornton Church

Now while I sat and drank a coffee from The Lodge DD just stood and stared out at the water, daydreaming:


And made dandelion chains:

Dandelion chain

Now as a family we are fascinated by water, DD swims and my son (DS) sails. DD and I rarely see OH (other half) and DS as they are away sailing most weekends, this weekend they were at Rutland Water, another beautiful nature reserve, well worth a visit.

After our 2.5 mile walk we were feeling a bit peckish and ready for some refreshments so we pootled off to Woodlands Nurseries.  I cannot express how much I love love this place, so many displays to ooh and aah at, while resisting the temptation to buy everything in sight. It is going through extensive renovations at the moment but its still great eye candy.
Do you want a peek:

Best of British - Royal Botanical Gardens Display

Woodlands Display

Cath Kidston:

Cath Kidston

Look at those colours:

Houseplants at Woodlands

After a hearty lunch we headed off home for some crafting in the sunshine.

But that I'll leave for another day.

Bye for now xxxxxxxxx

Monday, 11 April 2011

Welcome to Honeysuckle Hill

I have been an avid reader of blogs for a few years now and love them. The little peeks of other people's everyday lives, their ideas, designs and handcrafted goods.

As a family we have an active lifestyle with barely time to stop and enjoy the moment. Before you know it time has whizzed by and you've forgotten the simpler things in life.

So I decided I wanted to capture those moments, be able to go back and remember and enjoy them.

I'll keep this first post short and I'll be back soon with our weekend antics.

But here's a taster:

Thornton Church