Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Change of Plan

I've decided to change my goals for August as I came across the SKA August Challenge to finish more SIP's (Socks in Progress) than Mapleweave, a SKA member who is renowned for sock orphans.
So my new goals are:

1. Finish my super secret project started in July.
2. Finish my I socks. Now on heel of second sock
3. Finish my J socks. Only cast on done for first sock.
4. Finish my N socks. Up to heel of first sock.
5. Start my P socks. I've decided on Polly Jean.
6. Start my Q socks.
7. Make progress on my Ripple Blanket.
8. Finish my Ruffles Are Red Scarf. It just needs the ribbon adding and pictures taken.
9. Possibly another cast on of a super secret project.

Now that's actually a lot of knitting, not sure I'll get it all done but I'll give it a good try xxxxxxx

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