Friday, 2 September 2011

First Day Back

Well it was the first day back to school yesterday for DS and DD and what a scorcher....typical really they go to school the sun comes out. Though to be honest in our neck of the woods we can't complain about the weather as it's not been that bad, mainly dry and warm.

Now I wondered where July went, well August, did we even have an August, it went by so fast I think I missed it! Nothing much happened except a visit to the in-laws in Norfolk but still it flew by.

As a new school year starts so does a new exercise regimen (and I mean regimen as it's the last thing I really want to do!) as I seriously need to lose weight. Up until my twenties I took part in a lot of sports and a keen athlete and even when I stopped running/kick boxing I was still a gym bunny until about 5 years ago, now I do nothing, absolutely zilch, a real couch potato!! Now I won't blather on endlessly about exercise and healthy eating (notice I didn't use the dreaded "d" word) as it's boring and not what anyone wants to hear about, myself included. My plan is to walk, that's it just walk with the occasional Wii/Xbox Kinect dance thrown in.
We have a Great Dane cross called Stan or his naughty name is Stanley...he's like a baby dane...but still a big dog so I've decided to take him out more often.
Do you want to see him....


And yes he is playing on the trampoline with DD, he loves it being bounced up and down, very strange!

So today we went for a 2.5 mile walk round Thornton Reservoir. I have mentioned the reservoir before but what a difference, the water is so so low after the summer.

April 2011
Thornton Church

September 2011
Thornton Reservoir Sept 2011

September 2011
Thornton Reservoir

See the difference.  All the weeds seen above are normally covered in water. You can just make out the start of the water to the left of the picture. And what a difference in weather, it was so bright and sunny in April.

It was a lovely walk and I thoroughly enjoyed it. At one point a 'skein'  (they really are called a skein of geese when flying in the air, honest, I looked it up) of geese flew overhead and the noise, I have never heard anything like it, they were so loud, Stan wondered what was going on and was frantically running around jumping into the air.
We plan on doing these walks more often to different parts of the local area and countryside and there will be plenty of photos.

Thornton Reservoir Sept 2011

Thornton Reservoir Sept 2011

Thornton Reservoir Sept 2011

Time to go and do some cleaning I'll be back soon with how my August knitting goals went!!


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