Tuesday, 6 September 2011

That Went Well....

I made a list of my August goals, twice, as I changed my mind about what I wanted to accomplish. Well I needn't have bothered as nothing went to plan and I would have been better not making any.

Here's the second version:

1. Finish my super secret project started in July.  Done.
2. Finish my I socks. Now on heel of second sock.   Done.
3. Finish my J socks. Only cast on done for first sock.  Not even taken out of the bag.
4. Finish my N socks. Up to heel of first sock.   First sock finished.
5. Start my P socks. I've decided on Polly Jean.   Done and finished.
6. Start my Q socks. Decided on Queen of Cups. Literally just the CO done.
7. Make progress on my Ripple BlanketNope.
8. Finish my Ruffles Are Red Scarf. It just needs the ribbon adding and pictures taken.   Nope.
9. Possibly another cast on of a super secret project.  Started and nearly finished.

I did indeed finish my super secret project but I can now show pictures. It was another test knit for Meghan aka ButterflyKnit. It was a shawl for a yarn company and it's a great pattern. The pattern is a bonus when you sign up to Yummy Yarns Wrapped In YummyYarn Club.


Undergrowth Test Knit for ButterflyKnit

Undergrowth Test Knit for ButterflyKnit

Next up was to finish my I socks for the SKA August challenge.  I love these, the yarn is so soft and they are so so comfy.
The pattern does look quite complicated but is really easy. And I love love the block colour versions. Another pair to add to my sock drawer, Woohoo!!

I socks Ianthe AKA Exquisite Dewberry

The J socks never saw the light of day. I cast on DD's P socks instead and got them finished. DD insisted that she had to have the P socks as it is her initial so they were obviously meant for her. I am here to oblige...or do as I'm told!
I really must knit something other than purple socks (or red shawls)!!
These were finished on the drive to Norfolk. So DD, as you would expect, decided to wear them straight away and proceeded to walk around on warm tarmac. Result: fuzzy bottoms!!

P Socks They're Not Polly's They're Paige's

I've actually got a shot of them being worn, very rare, especially when they are on my feet but as they are DD's feet it's OK.

P Socks They're Not Polly's They're Paige's

I did manage to finish the first sock of my N socks but I haven't taken a picture yet. I also cast on my Q socks but this is as far as they got.

Now for the non-sock projects.
I didn't get to thread the ribbon in my Ruffles Are Red scarf. I really ought to do this as I love the idea and can see me wearing it a lot when finished over the winter.
Nada progress on my ripple blankie though I was sorely tempted to sneak a few rows in but it would have meant my next sooper secret project wouldn't have been started and it needed to be as it has a short deadline.

Let's hope September fares better, though looking back I suppose August wasn't too bad.

September's goals are short and sweet.

1. Finish my sooper secret project. This is very nearly done.
2. Cast on my R socks which are Riding On The Metro. These will double dip for SKA and the A-Z challenge.
3. Cast on and finish my S socks Salmon Run. I'm going to triple dip with these for SKA, Solid Socks in red and the A-Z challenge but they will need to be finished this month to qualify for the Solid Socks group.
4. Finish my Ruffles Are Red. I'll try to actually complete this.

And that's about it. I don't really want to overstretch myself this month though I am hoping to complete a few rows on my blanket.

Apart from knitting I have been on another one of my walks, which I'll tell you about tomorrow. It's been a while since I've been to this place even though it's only about 10-15 minutes drive away and I'd forgotten how beautiful and scenic it is.
See you tomorrow xxxxxxxxxxxx

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