Friday, 4 May 2012

Well It's Been A While.....

And it has been a busy time. Blogging for me hasn't quite become a habit yet which is something I want to work on. I enjoy it and it makes me stop and think about everyday life and what we do with it, everything just seems to fly by at the moment. I want life to slow down so I can enjoy it and my children. Anyway enough of the wallowing!!

I've been following Lucy at Attic24 for a while now and love how she approaches life. One of the things I have taken on board is FlyLady. This is a revelation to me as my home is a mess. Every room you go into has a pile of STUFF!

At the moment I am taking BabySteps but I can see that eventually my home will be somewhere I want to be and at the moment it's not, everywhere I turn I see piles.

So I started with my landing. I have a large area at the front of the house upstairs where items for the loft go or if I don't have a specific place for them. This is now clear though only for a short while. FlyLady suggests that you de-clutter 15 mins at a time and have 3 bags/boxes marked "put away", "give away" and "throw away". My "give away" is a "car boot" one as I have a lot of decent stuff that is just too small or never used. So the landing will become my "car boot" pile BUT I will only take it to 2 car boots, if it's not all gone by then it will be taken to the local charity shop. Charity shops are a bone of contention with me, I frequent them a lot due to a new project I'm undertaking with a friend, more on that another time, but after the last clear out a couple of years ago I filled 10 large black bin bags plus piles of books, I dutifully dropped them off at the charity shop and they complained!! I had donated too much and they couldn't deal with it!! This really annoyed me as they are supposedly crying out for donations due to Ebay and car boots so now I go to several shops and I try to sell items first before donating and I've never been back to that one again.

The idea after clearing a few rooms upstairs is to decorate my son's room. I asked him how he'd like it and the main purpose of the room is to play his Xbox. But he also came up with the idea of having 1 wall with graffiti art, not your under flyovers tags but proper commissioned graffiti that you can see gracing buildings locally. I love this idea so have been trying to find someone to do it, not an easy task but I have found one person but he did state that ventilation while spraying may be a problem, so I'll have to ask around a bit more to see if it's viable. If not anyone know where I can get graffiti wallpaper from.

Sorry this is a word heavy post with no pictures or eye candy but it's more of a getting back on track post.
I'll post about my craft endeavours another time.

So bye for now, until next time xxxx

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