Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Sunshine On A Grey Day!

How grey and dreary the days have been for the last few weeks, though the sun is trying it's best to shine at this very moment, very weak but it's there.
So to try to bring some sunshine on a grey day I bought some flowers from one of the local supermarkets and they are GORGEOUS!

I love these and they brighten up my coffee table. I'm looking forward to going to Loughborough Market tomorrow so I can buy some more flowers that are a little cheaper than these.

Want to see a close up:-

The other thing that is brightening my day is a Flower Garden Blanket that I have started for my daughter. Her bedroom is also due to be redecorated and I think one of these would look fantastic on her new bed. The one that really caught my eye was this one from the According to Matt... blog.
How stunning is that!! The photography is fantastic and DD fell in love with it straight away. I hope mine comes out looking as good.

Well I've crocheted 12 squares, who knows how many more to go!!

These are the colours I am using though I'm looking for a lime green to go with them. That orange is BRIGHT!!

Well it's time to go and get ready to go and watch both my peeps take part in the  Schools Area Sports day. DS is long jumping and DD is running the 800m. Good luck both :-)

See you soon xxxxxx

ETA: I forgot to mention that the yarn for DD's blanket is mainly Stylecraft Special DK.

There's:    1084 - Magenta
               1083 - Pomegranate
               1256 - Jaffa
               1114 - Sunshine
               1246 - Lipstick
               1067 - Grape
               1435 - Bright Pink
               1068 - Turquoise

The white is Woolcraft New Fashion DK - 7F76

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