Friday, 18 May 2012

Coffee And Chat

Well yesterday I had a lovely morning at my favourite town, Loughborough, with my friend who is also a very keen crafter.

The morning started off, as usual, with coffee and a chat, wonderful idling around.

Thursday, as I've mentioned before, is market day, and it didn't disappoint, even with a spot of rain! All the stalls are usually the same, week in, week out but they are my favourite types of stall, fabric, haberdashery, wool, fruit and veg, plants, flowers and sweets.

I ended up buying some gorgeous purple and white tulips and some spotty fabric to make bags for my Teddies For Tragedies that I'm making.

Also the sought after chartreuse/lime DK wool I wanted for DD's blanket, whatever the name of the colour it is exactly what I was looking for. This is a cheap acrylic yarn but it is oh so soft. I think it was something like £1.80 per 100g ball, bargain!!

The main reason for visiting Loughborough was to scour the charity shops, which the town has a fair amount of. There was plenty to choose from but in the end I opted for a tiny flowered blouse with pin tucks. Now this isn't to wear as it's much too small for me but to cut up and I love the pin tuck detailing.

Also a gorgeous pale blue cashmere cardigan with an eclectic mix of buttons. It does seem a shame to cut this up but, again, it's way too small for me and ideal for what I have in mind. A bargain was the girl's sun dress, I love how these fabrics look together.

I also bought a selection of children's books. I have plans for these and will show you more once I have started the project. I have high hopes for these and really hope they end up how I picture them.

My biggest problem with starting crafting projects is the fear that they won't end up looking how I picture them. So I don't start them and end up with piles of fabric/wool/books/etc that I don't do anything with. Then when I get round to sorting them I've forgotten what I had planned. So that's not going to happen with this. Hopefully I'll get started at the weekend, as no swimming competitions for DD, and I'll share them with you next week.

See you soon xxxxxx

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  1. I have the same problem I buy yarn with so many projects in mind ,I pack it away to do tomorrow , tomorrow never comes and I forget what I had planned in the first place. I have set myself a challenge to use all the yarn in my stash.
    You are so lucky I never find anything in the charity shop, you have found such beautiful bits.